Telepsychiatry is telemedicine

The quality care you need with the convenience you want



Save time and money by not driving to get your psychiatry and counseling services. Where ever you are in Tennessee you can connect online. Live audio and video gives you personal one-on-one attention

Telepsychiatry--what is it?



Telepsychiatry is the real time delivery of psychiatric assessment and care from your desktop, tablet, & smartphone

Why commute?



When commuting isn't an option because of distance, time and money, childcare sitter issues, weather challenges, our services are there

Convenience of obtaining telepsychiatric care at work, home, or on-the-go


We understand that a telepsychiatry need can happen at anytime, anywhere, so we designed our telemedicine app to be your medical companion when you need it

Available where you are, without the hassle of the waiting room.




Connect face to face using your phone, tablet or computer. Skip the waiting room and see your provider over video

With Telepsychiatry peace of mind is only a computer connection, not a commute, away.



Just like an in-person visit, your licensed provider takes your history and symptoms, evaluates and recommends treatment - including prescriptions and lab work

Telemedicine FAQs


What can I expect to occur during a telemedicine consultation?

Telemedicine visits last up to an hour, depending on your particular questions, interests, and needs at the time of visit. We can speak to each other as though we were in the same room.  

Is telehealth always appropriate to use?

 No, there are limitations to its use. We can help you decide if telehealth is appropriate for your visit. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule your appointment.

How is my privacy protected?

The telemedicine site is linked by dedicated, encrypted lines to protect privacy, HIPAA and BAA compliant. I am in a private room with closed doors. No part of the visit is recorded. We utilize state-of-the-art security and encryption protocols, making telemedicine visits compliant with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.  

How easy is it to start a telemedicine visit?

Easy. It works automatically in Chrome browsers no need to download additional software or plugins. You can use your laptop, smartphone, or ipad--as long as you have a camera and microphone and internet access. 

What conditions are treated with telemedicine?

Men and women ages 17 and up with anxiety, depression, ADD, social phobia, panic attacks, insomnia, fatigue, impulse control, trauma (aka the loss of self), bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders, relationship problems, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression during pregnancy.