I'm sensitive. How can I reduce my chances of side effects?

Some are very sensitive to medications. We can discuss options to reduce the possibility of side effects, taking into consideration what we know about how variations on your genes can play a role. We may also consider lifestyle changes, a medical work-up, or an evaluation of current medications and over-the-counter aids to ensure there is no drug interaction that could contribute to side effects.
Additionally, we may discuss ‘natural' alternatives to medications that are helpful for many, including yoga, meditation, aerobic exercise, reading material, therapy and dietary supplements or changes. 

I don't like the thought of taking medication. How long will I have to take medication?

There is no one answer. We do have research that if someone goes off medication too soon, their symptoms can return and be more difficult to treat a second time. But not everyone needs or wants medication long term. I can provide you the information you want to make the changes in your life that will make it less likely you will need medication long-term. 

Is this medication going to make me feel like a zombie?

Not if it's the right medicine. I want to know immediately if you’re having unpleasant side effects. Gone are the days of waiting several weeks “toughing it out” while waiting for medications to work and/or for side effects to subside. Newer medications available and better understanding from genetic testing research of how medications are metabolized helps make better medication pick choices. If you experience negative side effects we can address the situation quickly. 

How can I lower the cost of my medication?

Comparison shop for the best price on your medication in your zip code by logging onto www.goodrx.com. 

You're not obligated to buy the medication at the pharmacy if it's too expensive. In this case, notify me so I can make an inexpensive substitue if available.

My pharmacy says my prescription is not covered or "requires a prior authorization?"

What to do: First, notify me. Let me know this has happened right away.

Prior authorization is sometimes required by your insurance company. Once I receive the pharmacy fax and submit the paperwork to your insurance company for approval, it can take up to 3 days to be approved by your insurance company. 

How do I prevent running out of medication during my vacation abroad?

Please contact your pharmacy to ask them to arrange a "vacation over-ride" with your insurance so you are able to fill the medication early. Alternately, if the prescription is inexpensive, consider purchasing a 30 day (or less) supply out-of-pocket, not using your insurance benefits. 


Can I have a medication refill if I missed an appointment?

Ms. Eby electronically sends your pharmacy enough medication at each visit to last until the next appointment. Prescriptions are approved with a future booked appointment. You have access to the appointment schedule and private messaging through the www.patientally.com secure portal. If you run out of medication on a weekend or holiday, you can ask your pharmacist for an emergency 3-day supply of medication for non-controlled prescriptions to prevent going without medication until you can reschedule. All medication requests are sent electronically to your pharmacy during normal business hours. Missing several appointments in a row may result in termination of care.

I changed my pharmacy so have run out of medication. What now?

Inform your new pharmacy that you want them to transfer the prescription on file at your previous pharmacy to the new pharmacy so you can fill it. 

How often do we have to meet?

We meet within a month after our 1st visit to re-evaluate changes and progress. The actual schedule of our meetings after first visit is flexible--depending on your preferences and needs. 

Telepsychiatry visits allow flexibility to have appointments outside; in your parked car; or at workplace as long as you have privacy and internet.
Appointments are essential for maintaining good contact and oversight of your medication. 

What do I do if I am running late for our appointment?

No problem--as long as you don’t mind waiting if someone who is scheduled & arrives on time is seen before you. Please contact me via phone or patientally.com portal if you anticipate being late. If you do not show for the appointment, you may be charged $40. There is no extra charge if you are simply up to 10 minutes late for the appointment. 

As an existing patient, how do I contact Ms. Eby?

Secure electronic communication through the portal www.patientally.com is the best way to reach Susan Eby for non-emergency issues. Here, you can make schedule requests through the calendar or ask a non-urgent question. Voice messages left at 865-314-7002 and electronic communication are returned by the end of each business day; however, it may take up to one business day to return your call. 

Access to the www.patientally.com portal is provided at the first appointment scheduled. Using Chrome browser, you can click on the appointment page at Patient Ally portal and then click "Telemedicine video" in upper left hand corner--this allows you access to upcoming times and dates available to choose from. My schedule is from 8:00am to 6:30pm Monday through Friday. 

The schedule will only show available time slots. Once you find a date and time that works well for your schedule, please click that available time slot to submit an appointment request.

Why does my pharmacy say I have no refills on file when you sent medicine recently at our last vist?

Your pharmacy filed your prescription away until needed or until it was time for your insurance to process a new prescription. Because it was a new prescription, regardless that the medication remained unchanged, it's considered a new--not a refill--prescription. Ask your pharmacy to check your "file" for the medication on hold they received on your last appointment date.